Member Forum by Sightline Security, for Nonprofits Only!


Today, Sightline Security, in collaboration with Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), announced the launch of a members-only community forum for nonprofit organizations. The community forum is designed to address the unique needs of nonprofits, provide critical and relevant cyber and information security news, updates, and discussions explicitly to help them solve their distinct cyber and information security challenges. The community forum is a cornerstone of Sightline Security's approach in working alongside nonprofits to embrace cyber and information security best practices with confidence.

"During normal times, nonprofits face many protection challenges, ranging from a lack of cybersecurity talent to budgets that are stretched very thin, as cybersecurity typically sits low on the funding priority list. Add in our current crisis to the mix, and nonprofits are even more susceptible to security breaches – all while they need to remain focused on responding to the welfare of its constituents and keeping the business going." (Nonprofit Executive Director, 2020)

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the Global Cyber Alliance to bring this important and needed community space to our members," said Dr. Kelley Misata, Founder and CEO of Sightline Security. "Thanks to their support and resources, we can welcome more members into Sightline and help them supplement their defenses at a time when they are increasingly vulnerable to attack."

Sightline's unique and proven approach ensures nonprofits can easily identify and prioritize the current state of cybersecurity inside the walls of their organizations. The new community forum provides Sightline’s members with critical and timely information, early-stage assessment guidance, introductory learning to security best practices such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), and safe and secure discussion space to bring their unique issues to the table. In addition to accessing the community forum and other Sightline Security resources, nonprofit members can also share critical insights into their cybersecurity efforts and provide a vital feedback loop for security experts and vendors – removing a crucial blind spot into the specific risks facing this expansive community.

"Sightline Security's work to support the nonprofit community comes at a critical time. Nonprofits are under attack because of the communities they serve and their access to data about them. Cyber attacks on nonprofits undercut their ability to address social issues and needs, and can affect life and death," said Philip Reitinger, GCA President and CEO. "GCA is proud to support this effort and help bridge the cybersecurity gap for these critical organizations."

Support Sightline Security and be at the forefront of helping nonprofits improve cybersecurity and reduce risk. As a security start-up organization, Sightline Security is continuing its "Founders Club" fundraising campaign for the remainder of 2020 -- to learn more contact the company at hello(at)

About Sightline Security
Based in Boston, MA, Sightline Security Corporation takes a holistic and community-centric approach necessary to address the lack of information and cybersecurity capabilities and awareness in the nonprofit sector. Addressing a critical need for these organizations, Sightline is the first solution provider to tailor its approach to providing nonprofits with access to the security tools and expertise that were previously only attainable by commercial businesses or government agencies. Through its innovative combination of assessment, consulting, and training capabilities, Sightline has created a basis for nonprofit organizations to confidently implement information security best practices while removing a crucial blind spot that currently exists in information technology and security industry.

About Global Cyber Alliance
The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk and improving our connected world. We achieve our mission by uniting global communities, implementing concrete solutions, and measuring the effect. Learn more at