Dr. Misata with BuiltIn on Cyber Threats to Nonprofits

Dr. Kelley Misata shared her insights with BuiltIn on the threats facing nonprofits

Crippled services, decades’ worth of lost legal documents, millions of dollars in recovery — that’s the fallout from just one recent high-profile cybersecurity assault: the 2018 ransomware attack on Atlanta.

It was a wakeup call not just for municipalities, but for anyone with valuable assets and a modem. While cyberattacks can cost as little as $30 per month to wage, they cost businesses more than $45 billion in losses last year alone. There's a tremendous emotional toll to cybersecurity threats as well.

“We watch the human effects of this,” Kelley Misata, a member of Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) and the founder of Sightline Security, told Built In. “I think one of the hardest parts of security is people feel the pain of it. Victims are left feeling stupid and violated.”

So what should organizations watch for? Nothing too fancy, it turns out. Despite a proliferation of transformative technology, cyber-criminals typically rely on the tried and true. According to security professionals we spoke with, they’re not yet leveraging newfangled tech like artificial intelligence and machine learning — a small number of nation state-backed organized syndicates notwithstanding. Nonetheless, traditional methods are continuously evolving and new vulnerabilities emerging.

Here are five major cybersecurity threats that organizations should keep an eye on in 2020. Read More on builtin.