With cyber-attacks on the rise daily, the question is no longer if your nonprofit will experience a cyber incident - it’s when.

We believe that getting off the right start is vital to sustainable cybersecurity preparedness.

Sightline Security’s KickStart meets you where you are and doesn’t overwhelm you with security jargon or scary stories of attacks. KickStart will help you prioritize your cyber efforts and best practices and give you a community of ongoing support.

We know that implementing works cyber is best when it’s a natural part of your operations - not a special project.


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After seeing firsthand Sightline Security’s approach to working with nonprofits in our community, there is no question helping them advance their mission is vital to the security and safety of nonprofits of all sizes and in all areas of the world.


How long does KickStart take?

Typically, KickStart spans 6-8 weeks, however, we work with you and your team - working at the pace that makes sense for you.

We're a sole nonprofit - can we join KickStart without a group?

Yes! We have nonprofits that join as a cohort, and also orgs that join as single nonprofits. You won’t lose anything by joining alone, either way, we’re here to help you operationalize your cybersecurity planning!

As a Funder, can I send my nonprofits through KickStart?

Yes! We have a great model to support cohorts of nonprofits as they make their ways through KickStart. Reach out to us at to learn how we can help your nonprofit grantees. 

Our national organization has multiple chapters - can you help us operationalize cybersecurity across all our regional nonprofits?New Item

Yes, we can work with large umbrella organizations with many chapters and regional subsidiaries.

Cohorts are limited to five (5) organizations and immediately become members of Sightline's global community. Cohorts are grouped by time zone, similar objectives, and chapter size to ensure they learn together and can support each other as they operationalize cybersecurity. Each cohort receives individual and group support to walk successfully through KickStart.