Sightline Security Launches as a 501(c)(3)


Sightline Security, today announced its official launch as a 501(c)(3), providing other nonprofit organizations with access to the security tools and expertise that were previously out of reach. Through its innovative combination of assessment, consulting, and training capabilities, Sightline is creating a foundation for nonprofit organizations to confidently embrace information security best practices.

As adversaries continually seek out paths of least resistance and nonprofits are notoriously under-resourced in this area, Sightline is addressing a critical, previously unfilled need in the cybersecurity industry. In 2016 Sightline CEO, Kelley Misata, Ph.D., conducted a study delving into the state of cybersecurity in the nonprofit space. The study details the gaps between the observed level and a theoretical maximum level of information security, based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) in the organizations participating in the study.

Select findings include:

  • Financial resources are a barrier to nonprofits implementing a cybersecurity program

  • 60% of nonprofits want more help in understanding information security and its technology

  • 45% of the nonprofits did not know if they had experienced a cybersecurity attack or breach

  • The same 45% were unable to gauge their level of preparedness should an attack happen

“At Sightline Security, we believe in a world where it is possible for nonprofits to get the crucial knowledge, mentoring and solutions they need to stay protected in a digital world,” said Misata. “Today’s launch is an exciting first step in this mission. The nonprofit sector has been severely underserved and therefore represents a growing threat as adversaries target their systems which house member and donor information. Our goal is to help close these gaps and empower nonprofits to take an active role in their protection efforts.”

Sightline creates tools that nonprofits can easily use to identify and prioritize the current state of cybersecurity inside the walls of their organizations. Its dynamic online assessment tool provides nonprofits with insights into the current state of their organizations’ information security. The intuitive user interface offers learning opportunities throughout the process and allows organizations to gain confidence and proficiency in cybersecurity protocols and best practices. Once a nonprofit member completes the assessment, Sightline then works with them to prioritize the results and meet their specific business needs and budget.

To help nonprofit organizations put their cybersecurity priorities into action, Sightline is building a community marketplace where information security vendors, solution providers, researchers, and other partner organizations can spotlight their products and services to Sightline’s nonprofit members. In turn, Sightline will share valuable insights with community partners on the security practices in nonprofit organizations; ensuring their programs for nonprofits have the impact they envision.

Key insights into the cybersecurity of nonprofits through Sightline Security’s tools and community will also provide a critical feedback loop for security vendors – removing a crucial blind spot into the specific risks facing this expansive community.

As a security start-up and 501(c)(3) organization, Sightline Security is launching an “angel” donor fundraising campaign. Support Sightline Security and be at the forefront of helping nonprofits improve cybersecurity and reduce risk. Anyone interested in supporting Sightline’s mission or learning more can contact the company at hello(at)

About Sightline Security
Sightline Security Corporation, based in Boston, MA, takes a holistic and community-centric approach necessary to address the lack of information and cyber security capabilities and awareness in the nonprofit sector. Addressing a critical need for these organizations, Sightline is the first solution provider to tailor its approach to providing nonprofits with access to the security tools and expertise that were previously only attainable by commercial businesses or government agencies. Through its innovative combination of assessment, consulting, and training capabilities, Sightline has created a basis for nonprofit organizations to confidently implement information security best practices while removing a crucial blind spot that currently exists in information technology and security industry.

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