Our partners are a vital part in making cybersecurity best practices accessible to every nonprofit.

Help us show nonprofits how to protect their data, and the data of the people they serve. Sightline Security envisions a world where nonprofits have the knowledge and resources to embrace cybersecurity.

Our partners make that vision a reality through financial support.

By partnering with Sightline, you empower nonprofits to carry out their mission, as well as position your organization at the forefront of this space.

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“Sightline supports the great work of nonprofits with clear and actionable advice on how to improve their cybersecurity posture and provide data protection for their community members.”

- Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft


Social responsibility: Supporting a nonprofit that helps other organizations improve their cybersecurity posture is socially responsible that aligns with a company's values and mission


Networking: Supporting a nonprofit focused on cybersecurity can provide opportunities for collaboration with other organizations, leading to new business partnerships and increased visibility.


Supporting a good cause: Investing in a nonprofit that works to improve cybersecurity programs means supporting a good cause that benefits many organizations and individuals.