Nonprofit Members

As a Nonprofit Member of Sightline Security, your nonprofit organization will have access to a robust and innovative process that will move you closer toward increased cybersecurity right from the beginning. 

To join our ever growing list of interested nonprofits, and to find out more about becoming a member of Sightline Security, contact us.

Commercial Partners

As a Commercial Partner of Sightline Security, your business will have the opportunity to give back to nonprofits in a way that benefits your organization as well. We know that commercial businesses are already supporting nonprofits in a variety of ways, but what if the nonprofits your organization is supporting aren’t cybersecure? Is investing into a nonprofit whose mission you stand behind, but who isn’t protected from potential cyber-attacks the best move for your company? By joining Sightline Security your business could:

  • Continue to pour into nonprofits who are serving vulnerable communities in crucial ways, while at the same time ensuring that they are cybersecure

  • Bridge the crucial gap between nonprofits and cybersecurity

  • Sell your products in our one-of-a-kind Community Marketplace

  • Advertise your expertise and resources to nonprofits who may truly need them

  • Utilize your time and resources in a way that is mutually beneficial to your growing company and to nonprofit organizations in need

Connect with us and discuss how your organization would like to partner with Sightline Security today.

Financial Supporters

As a financial supporter of Sightline Security, we need you to make our vision a reality. Right now we are raising funds and looking for financial backers in order to develop our unique Assessment Tool. This tool will be the first of its kind, gathering authentic data on the actual state of nonprofit organizations. This tool will allow the information security industry to have a better understanding of where nonprofits stand, what their needs are, and how those needs can be met. As we are able to implement this Assessment Tool, our Nonprofit Members will immediately benefit as they are able to locate and assess their specific security weaknesses, and our experts will be able to partner with them to analyze and act on those weaknesses. This is the foundational first step to Sightline’s process and you could be a part of getting us off the ground. Contact us today to learn how you can get involved.