What the Data Says

Cybersecurity is a real and pressing threat in our world today. Data shows that it is no longer a question of if cyber-attacks will occur, but when. Solutions for this problem abound in the commercial sector, but for many reasons our nonprofits have been left in the dark. Working toward cybersecurity takes money and it takes time. Nonprofits don’t always have the resources to put toward this issue, and so it often gets placed on a back burner, or worse, is forgotten altogether.

To date nobody has done the work to study where exactly nonprofits stand in relation to cybersecurity.

Data has not been gathered to ascertain the current state of nonprofits and to determine the needs that they have. In this way many of the commercial solutions available to the business world simply would not apply to nonprofits anyway.

This stops now. Sightline Security is here to shine a light on the cybersecurity needs of nonprofits in a way that has never been done before. Our mission is to equip and empower nonprofits to embrace cybersecurity with confidence. We have a proven plan and process in place to make this happen and we are here to stand with our Nonprofit Members on this journey toward becoming more cybersecure.