What We Offer

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Community Marketplace
Where your plan becomes action. 

(Where cybersecurity solutions are implemented.)

The Community Marketplace will be an online space where our Nonprofit Members and our Commercial Partners will be able to interact in mutually beneficial ways. Our Commercial Partners will have the opportunity to provide solutions to our Nonprofit Members, to offer their resources and expertise and to help our Nonprofit Members move toward increased cybersecurity. Our Nonprofit Members will be able to search for solutions they need and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the experts in these needed fields. 

Member Forum
Join the security conversation.

(Where security awareness is refined.)

The Member Forum will be an online space in which our Nonprofit Members can meet and collaborate. They will be able to discuss issues they have faced, problems that have arisen, solutions they have tried and found to be helpful, make suggestions to one another and encourage one another in their mutual pursuits of increased cybersecurity. This will also be a space where our Sightline experts will be able to interact with our Nonprofit Members to offer tips, advice, and to ensure that our Nonprofit Members are receiving the most possible out of their time with us.