Sightline’s Proven Process

“After seeing firsthand Sightline Security’s approach to working with nonprofits in our community, there is no question helping them advance their mission is vital to the security and safety of nonprofits of all sizes and in all areas of the world.”

President, United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley

Sightline Security’s approach was successfully put into practice in January 2019 through a course designed for Boston College’s Cybersecurity and Governance graduate program. The implementation of our process revealed how our work can have an immediate and profound impact on nonprofit organizations. 

Not only has the Sightline Security process been proven to work effectively, we will be collecting data about the needs of nonprofits and cybersecurity at every level and will be using the information gathered to continually improve and perfect our process.

Each time our Nonprofit Members go through our process, they can be assured that they will be receiving support based on the most recent research and experience and that our team is doing all that we can to support their pursuit of increased cybersecurity. 

The data gathered by Sightline will provide clear and actionable insight into cybersecurity trends in the nonprofit sector. This data will be used to improve and advance cybersecurity practices in the nonprofit space, benefitting all involved with nonprofit organizations.