Shine a light on the risks.

Using our robust Assessment Tool, our Nonprofit Members will complete a series of modules to discover their unique threat levels.

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Understand your risk profile.

Upon completion of each module our Nonprofit Members will receive a risk profile and will have the opportunity to meet with a Sightline expert to analyze their results and make a plan to increase their cybersecurity.



Take steps to increase your cybersecurity. 

As our Nonprofit Members take the steps required to becoming more cybersecure, they will have full access to the second part of our process, our invaluable resources: the Community Marketplace where they can connect with information security vendors to find solutions to their security needs, and the Member Forum where they can discuss with other Sightline members issues they have faced, solutions worth trying, advice, encouragement, and anything else related to the process of becoming more cybersecure.

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This process should be repeated by our Nonprofit Members at regular maintenance intervals or when a new threat arises.