Sightline Security’s mission is to make it possible for nonprofits around the world to embrace cybersecurity with confidence.

As technology becomes more and more integrated into all aspects of daily life, nonprofits need tailored action plans protect themselves from very real threat. We are committed to helping them get there.

Strapped for financial and human resources, most nonprofits put cybersecurity practices in the hands of others or at the end of their long list of critical priorities. Our holistic, community approach ensures they not only have solutions available but also have the information necessary to choose the best solution for their operations and to protect those whom they protect.

We are creating a dynamic assessment tool nonprofits can easily use (and learn with) for identifying and prioritizing the current state of cybersecurity inside the walls of their organizations. But that alone is insufficient – our team of experts, our community of solution providers, researchers, and others are there to help nonprofits take action and to make cybersecurity improvements accessible and lasting.

We believe in a world where it is possible for nonprofits to get the crucial information they need to stay protected and continue to earn the trust necessary to deliver on their missions