Each nonprofit has a unique niche and needs. That is why our accessible approach is tailored to their needs.

  • Finding the Starting Line
    Our dynamic, online assessment tool provides our nonprofit members insight into the current state of their organizations’ information security. The results of the assessment are used to provide our members with customized cybersecurity recommendations.

    Rooted in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our assessment tool is supported by cybersecurity best practices and an intuitive user interface. Our tool also provides learning opportunities throughout so nonprofits can gain confidence in cybersecurity language. This first step is scalable to help our international and domestic members of all sizes and sectors.
  • Building a Foundation
    The next step in the Sightling Security model is an interactive, person-to-person process of planning. Once a nonprofit member completes the assessment, we show them how to put the results to work. The Sightline Security team of experts partners with each nonprofit to walk through their experience with the assessment tool, discuss where they felt confident and where they didn’t, review results of the assessment, and then develop a viable plan that fits their needs and resources.

  • Creating a Bridge to Community
    Having a plan isn’t enough to make those crucial changes, which is why we are building a community with the resources to help nonprofits put their cybersecurity plans into action. Our community of third-party partner organizations are passionate about giving back and helping nonprofits. Our holistic approach allows us to identify each individual member’s needs and pair them with the right partner organization to meet those needs. In line with our mission to make cybersecurity solutions accessible to nonprofits, our partners offer our members their services at a low cost or at no cost.

  • Putting to Data to Work
    The Sightline Security model offers one more important piece of this puzzle: research and industry insight. The data gathered by our assessment tool provides clear and actionable insight into cybersecurity trends in the nonprofit sector. This data directly benefits our community by giving a better understanding of their cybersecurity needs and how to achieve them. Additionally, these insights can help technology companies, government agencies, and more adopt recommendations that will advance strong cybersecurity practices in the nonprofit space.