#GiveToTheMaxDay for Cybersecurity!


Today, Nov. 17, 2022 is Give To The Max Day 2022 #GTMD22 (GiveMN). In case you aren't already familiar with this occasion, the 14th annual Give to the Max Day, is "a celebration of generosity and a giant virtual hug to the causes that help communities thrive. Each time you make a gift during Give to the Max, you could help your favorite nonprofits and schools win part of the $100,000+ Prize Pool! In fact, there are 143 chances to win during Give to the Max Day and Early Giving, beginning November 1."

We love any reason to shout out our friends and other nonprofits that are doing the critical work of helping nonprofits become cyber secure, so here are a few awesome nonprofits that we want to highlight!

1. Secure The Village

Twitter: Founder, Stan Stahl https://twitter.com/stanstahl

Website: Link to Donate

Secure the Village, Founded by the cybersecurity pioneer Stan Stahl, PhD., is on a mission to educate, support, and advocate for cybersecurity and data privacy. They connect cybersecurity and privacy leaders, creating communities to accelerate progress toward a "secure global village". With a weekly Patch Report, different communities for business leaders, cybersecurity practitioners, and everyday people, and ongoing events like an Annual conference in October, Secure the Village is doing the important work of bringing cybersecurity home.


2. #ShareTheMicInCyber

Twitter: @ShareInCyber

Link to Donate

Starting as a hashtag in 2020 among unrest over ongoing racial disparities, #ShareTheMicInCyber has since grown to become a global movement to connect current and potential practitioners of color to opportunities for advancement and education. Via a partnership with Women in Security & Privacy (WISP), #ShareTheMicInCyber is now offering scholarships to cover training, certification, learning, and professional advancement expenses incurred by Black cyber practitioners that participate in #ShareTheMicInCyber.



Twitter: @CybersecurityNP

Link to Donate

All of CSNP's events, programs, and resources are free. They believe that cybersecurity education and career development resources should be accessible to everyone, so they do not include a monthly fee for membership or costs for any events, programs, or resources. CSNP believes that everyone has a right to learn and protect themselves, so they work hard to remove financial barriers. 

Thank you community for creating a more secure world together!

- Sightline Team