Sightline’s Member Forum - Built for Nonprofits

Sightline Security’s new & improved Member Forum launches on Wednesday, April 20!

Sightline Security’s Member Forum, a discussion and information-sharing platform for nonprofit and mission-based communities was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations to gain free and relevant access to the most up-to-date cyber and information security news, alerts, and interactive assistance.

We know cybersecurity looks different for nonprofits and the Member Forum allows us to truly come alongside our members to shine a light on nonprofit needs in a way that’s never been done before.

Some of the features you’ll engage in through the Sightline Security Member Forum are:

  1. LEARN: With curated resources just for nonprofits, Sightline’s member forum has the information you need to stay up to date on cybersecurity threats and nonprofit best practices. Quickly scan through hand-picked resources from Sightline’s nonprofit cybersecurity experts.

  2. COMMUNITY: Learn alongside a community of vetted nonprofits, also working to weave cybersecurity into the operations

  3. THE LATEST:  Keep up to speed with the latest in cybersecurity impacting nonprofits, and check in weekly for Monday's Cybertip from our team!

The data shows that attackers seek out targets that are not cyber-aware and therefore more susceptible to their tactics, nonprofits in particular due to their more common resource constraints. 

Understanding this, Sightline Security has committed resources to create, moderate, and host the Member Forum in order to keep its members informed and engaged about security threats, vulnerabilities, tools, and best practices or preventative measures against them.

The Member Forum is designed to support all mission-based and nonprofit organizations. We know you have options when it comes to getting cybersecurity news, information, and education – Here, at the Sightline, “It’s personal”.  We don’t see cybersecurity as a special project.  You have a friend in cybersecurity. 

Join a vetted, friendly community of nonprofits looking for help and know-how.  

Becoming a member of our forum and community is FREE.  Click here to sign up now!